Miley Cyrus pulls no punches in the provocative video for “Mother’s Daughter,” which dropped on Tuesday morning (July 2).

The clip opens with the title page stating “every woman is a riot,” before cutting to an image of the 26-year-old songstress dressed in a blood-red, full-body latex outfit, amid flashes of what appear to be two nipples circling each other, a close-up of women’s underwear and a tongue running over braces-covered teeth. She begins gyrating to the pulsing beat, as the message “you are f*** beautiful” flickers alongside a naked image of plus-size model Angelina Duplisea reclining on a couch.

The video for the RCA Records-released song about taking back the power is heavy on messages such as “Virginity is a social construct,” “Feminist AF,” “Not an object” and the more playful “Tough titties,” and features cameos from various transgender, disabled and plus-sized activists. If the visual wasn’t enough, Cyrus’s vocals further cement her unapologetic approach to inclusivity, singing “Don’t fuck with my freedom/I came back to get me some/I’m nasty, I’m evil/Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter.” Watch the exciting and bold video for Miley Cyrus’s “Mother’s Daughter” here.

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