The beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has gotten pretty intense. So much, that Floyd Mayweather is actually training Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is getting boxing lessons from Mike Tyson. And now the 50-year-old former heavyweight champ has taken the feud to the next level by recording a diss track targeting the other camp.

On Sunday (Jan. 8,) Iron Mike posted a photo of him inside the recording booth with the promise of “dropping heat” along with a 30-second snippet of the diss track.

“If You Show Up,” produced by Damon Elliott, features Tyson singing “If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out”. TMZ reports that Brown will be doing a verse on the track and a music video is happening as well.

In an effort to stop unnecessary violence, I am glad to see two young rappers hash it out in the ring rather than the streets. I still have my money on Chris Brown.

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