It’s been two weeks since Ultra wrapped their event at Virginia Key for the first time, and the City council is already debating on whether or not to have the world-renowned festival return.

In November, the current gathering’s contract was approved in a vote of 4-1 but not without an option that can be activated within 60 days of the festival’s conclusion wherein officials can revoke the use of the space. In other words, the 2019 edition of Ultra in its new location was a test run and the Miami City Council must vote on whether it gets another year on Virginia Key.

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Commissioner Joe Carollo, who was the sole nay vote, continues to pose his opposition to the festival regardless of his colleagues’ positive takes. City Manager Emilio Gonzalez and Commissioner Keon Hardemon voiced their support for the event, recognizing the monumental task the organizers were given with only months to prepare: “Ultra was given lemons & they made lemonade.”

Ultra is now in the 2-month period during which the city has to decide if it wants to keep the festival at its current location. A vote is scheduled for May 9th – 21 days before the 2-month span ends.

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