Before Michael Phelps stared daggers into Chad Le Clos, McKayla Maroney became the Olympics’ first viral meme with her ‘not impressed’ face. But after retiring from gymnastics due to multiple injuries and surgeries, Maroney is now focusing her time and energy on her music career. In an interview with Us Weekly, Maroney discusses her past career as a competing Olympian, her transition away from competitive sports, and the new music she’s working on.

On her new identity outside of sports

“I lost myself. It was an identity crisis, no doubt. I would go and meet people and they’d tell me, ‘You’re the gymnast.’ And I’m like, now that I’m no longer a competing gymnast, it throws people off and that would throw me off. I don’t want to let people down. It was such a big test for me to be like, you know what? No! I’m worth more than a gold medal. I’m worth more than being a gymnast. I am not what I do. I am who I am and I’m what I love.”

On watching her old teammates compete without her

“I didn’t know how I was going to be able to handle [watching the Rio Olympics], because being an athlete and being in that world, it’s almost like you’re like, ‘Oh man, I wish that I would’ve been able to be there,’ but I have a total different outlook on it and I am so excited for these girls. Like these newcomers, their whole life is about to turn upside down in the most beautiful way possible.”

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On her budding music career

As an aspiring artist, McKayla Maroney has no regrets and even has a debut single coming out September 8 called “Ghost.”

“I like to say my genre is vulnerable pop because it’s all melody and lyrically driven and heart driven. [My] favorite thing to sing about is love.”

Amid the comments of the McKayla’s new look, the 20-year-old now-singer simply stated that she hasn’t had any work done and that people generally look different as they grow older.

“I haven’t had anything done. I’m just getting older and I’m 20 now. Four years ago, I was 16 and I weighed 20 pounds less than I do now!”

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“It’s hard to have [a sense of confidence] when your confidence is on competition. I grew up like, ‘If I’m not in first place, then I’m not great.’ So in a way, there’s different things in life that make you strong, but they can also make you weak at the same time.’ I’ve had to work on my confidence a lot and I think that’s something that I’ll openly admit.” Read the full interview here.

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