Mary J Blige has become the first person ever to be nominated for an acting performance and an original song in a single year.

The R&B icon, who already has nine Grammy awards, stars as an impoverished farmer’s wife in Mudbound, earning her a best supporting actress nomination.

Like many, she was asleep when the news came. “My phone rang at about 5:30 a.m. and it was my publicist, Amanda, and she was screaming. And I don’t know what it is so I’m screaming and I’m crying! It’s just a really emotional time. We’re not taking this lightly because things like this don’t happen. And it did.”

Blige earned a second nod for best original song, Mighty River. She is the first person ever to be nominated for a performance and original song in the same year, for the same film. Hear the track below.

Blige stars as Florence Jackson in director Dee Rees’s movie about two men soldiers, one black one white, who return to rural Mississippi after fighting in World War II. The movie debuted on Netflix in November 2017. She stars in the film alongside Garrett Hedlund, Carey Mulligan, Jason Mitchell, Rob Morgan, and Jason Clarke.

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