19-year-old DJ Martin Garrix teamed up with 7-Up to create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime performance for the deaf community. The project entitled “Music Lifts You Up” offers an extrasensory experience where those who are hearing-impaired can feel the music and recognize certain vibrations and low-ends that are associated with a specific song. The concert is to be filmed and will premier during Ultra Fest in Miami as well as Crave Online. The performance will have newly adjusted EQ’s along with special equipment which will emphasize both the physical along with the aural aspect of each of Garrix’s songs.

“Motion, vibration, visual-wise… I got in this room and stepped on one of those vibrating platforms and played a note and I got scared. They gave me a backpack which vibrates the music, makes the vibrations stronger. For me, I’ve been thinking about which songs I should play, which songs I love that have the lower frequency, which songs have drive in it.”

The video will feature the concert in its entirety along with individual interviews within the deaf community as they share their struggles with losing their ability to hear and how music has continued to play a significant role in their life. The project altogether highlights the power of how music can impact and bring a community together and how it’s perceived in more ways than just one sense. After the concert, Garrix stated that”this is one of the best shows I ever did. Watch below.