After Future dropped two albums in consecutive weeks and then pushed “Mask Off” to be everyone’s earworm (not to mention it went certified platinum), the track is getting its own remix by Marshmello.

Now as promised by producer Marshmello (aka Dotcom’s alter-ego) earlier this week, the masked figure has oh so-ironically unveiled his own take on the anthemic tune.

‘Mello left most of the original Future track untouched until it came time for the jersey club meets trap inspired drop. The remix seems a bit lazy as it feels like the drops are just kind of, well, dropped in there with chopped vocals and the unmistakable flute sample, while the rest of it is basically Future’s original song.  It’s definitely a festival-ready track but I’d rather just listen to the original.

Listen to Marshmello’s remix of “Mask Off” and let us know what you think about it.

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