Teens are finding peace in the neon night in Marshmello and Khalid‘s new music video for “Silence.”

In the video, the EDM artist and emerging alt-soul singer ride around with a group of friends, armed with glow sticks and handheld camcorders. Interestingly enough, the two artists are seemingly oblivious to the depressing scenes – a woman glimpsing an eviction notice on her door, a teenager watching his parents fight, a young man being manhandled by police – as they pedal past.

Marshmello and Khalid released their collaboration in August, a fitting culmination of their respective breakthrough successes over the last two years. “Silence” has been a hit for the pair, and this music video should only help to push it further up the charts.

Khalid, the teenage wonder, emerged in 2016 with his hit “Location,” (a personal favorite of mine) which he recorded as an unsigned high school senior. The track highlights his March-issued debut LP, American Teen, which cracked Rolling Stone‘s list of the year’s 50 Best Albums So Far.

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