For what may be the first time in Walshy Fire’s career, he’s feeling the pressure of what a new album release brings.

The Jamaican-born, Miami-raised DJ and producer born Leighton Paul Walsh has already experienced international success as one-third of dancehall/reggae-inspired electronic dance outfit Major Lazer, but his most recent drop, the debut dancehall-afrobeat fusion album ABENG, brings with it new feelings.

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“I feel a weight from the entire Caribbean of representing properly. I feel the weight of all the ancestors that have put in all the work – the Celia Cruzes, Calypso Roses, Gregory Isaacs,” Fire stated in an interview. “So imagine now, if I’m on the stage and it’s 40,000 people in the crowd. You see that one Guyanese flag and you know that that guy is looking at you thinking, ‘You better bring it.’ I give thanks for that opportunity. If there was like a political race for this, I’m the guy.”

On another note, the fusion of multiple different genres that Walshy and his collaborators have created came from a simple idea: “The message really is to make the world smaller by making the party bigger, so people start to really realize just how similar we are. And I think that music is the best way to communicate that.” Listen to the Mad Decent-released ABENG below.

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