As Madonna prepares to turn 60 on Thursday, August 16th, we look back on a career that’s inspired a myriad of artists, broke barriers and set all-time records.

Freya Jarman, a music scholar at the University of Liverpool who co-edited a book on Madonna, said the pop star has already left her legacy, with younger artists such as Lady Gaga so evidently influenced by her. Now she is demonstrating a new kind of relevance, “As an aging, female popular musician who is still so much in the public eye, she is absolutely relevant,” Jarman said.

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Like Gaga, the “Like A Virgin” singer has had her own bouts with controversy, including but not limited to almost getting arrested in Canada for miming masturbation during her 1991 Blonde Ambition Tour and her man-eating reputation with the likes of Hollywood icon, Warren Beatty, Chicago Bulls basketball star, Dennis Rodman, and the British, avant-garde film director, Guy Ritchie.

Releasing an album approximately every four years since her 1983 debut full length, Madonna (on Warner Music) the artist, born Madonna Louise Ciccone, has sold over 300,000,000 records sold, making her the top selling musical talent of all time.

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