Adding to several other songs already released from her upcoming Madame X project, Madonna has unveiled “Crave” with Swae Lee complete with visuals.

The Interscope Records-signed track hears the Grammy winning songstress singing “‘Cause you’re the one I crave/And my cravings get dangerous/The feelings never fade/I don’t think we should play with this” to warn her lover of the downfalls of not giving in to temptation. Rae Sremmurd member Swae Lee further echoe her caution throughout the recording.

Embed from Getty Images
As for the visual, fans catch a glimpse of the alter ego, Madame X, writing out a love note in long hand on a scroll, as she says in voice-over, “I am waiting for you. I have always been waiting for you. I’m attracted to danger, I crave it.” Meanwhile, majestic black and white images of New York scroll by amid flashes of slow-motion dancing by the song’s featured artist. The two unite in the final scene when Madame X shares a divine spark from her finger in homage to Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” fresco atop the Sistine Chapel. Watch the full clip below.

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