Madonna has never shied away from getting political, whether in her music videos for songs like “Like a Prayer,” or in her fight against the AIDS crisis, and her incoming visual for “God Control” is no different. Now, the world’s biggest music artist is taking on yet another issue in hopes of inspiring change: gun violence.

In the teaser clip unveiled on Tuesday (June 18th), Madame X begins by talking into the camera stating that writing songs about “the downfall of humanity” can get her down, so she has to find a positive release. “Where does a girl go? She goes to the disco,” she answers. The video eventually takes a dark turn as the Grammy Award winner and her fellow dancers suddenly appear n on the floor with blood stained hands and clothes before she utters “Guns need to be made illegal.”

Speculative fans believe the scene is made in reference to the tragic 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting (where 49 men and women were killed in the Orlando gay club) per the lyrics “People think that I’m insane/ The only gun is in my brain.” Watch the teaser for Madonna’s “God Control” here.


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