Madeon teased fans this week with the announcement of a new song as well as the beginning of his GOOD FAITH ERA. In a statement, he warned listeners, “Tomorrow morning I’ll put out a song in the real world.” This sentence in particular seemed to have been glossed over or otherwise misinterpreted, because the 25-year-old has done literally that.

Rather than release a song for streaming, the French DJ/producer has dropped two vinyl records of the track in four cities across the world (eight copies total), specifically in Los Angeles, New York City, Alesund, and Nantes. Exact addresses for record stores in each city were made available on his website Currently, all copies have been found and will be circulating around social media quickly.

It is now known that the recording is called “All My Friends” and the effort will be available on streaming services worldwide on Friday, May 31st, but before then, watch the teaser video below.

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