Macklemore is back like he never left.

The Seattle lyricist drops “Glorious” featuring Skylar Grey. The track was produced by Joshua “Budo” Karp. “Glorious” finds the former XXL Freshman rapping about making it through tough times and achieving greatness in the end.

“You know I’m back like I never left/Another sprint, another step/Another day, another breath/Been chasing dreams, but I never slept/I got a new attitude and a lease on life/And some peace of mind/Seek and I find I can sleep when I die/Wanna piece of the pie, grab the keys to the ride,” he raps.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Macklemore explained he and partner Ryan Lewis are taking a musical break while they work on their own respective material. However, he made it clear this is not an official disbanding. “We have been working together damn near every day for 9 years and it felt like the right time,” he wrote. “This decision came from a place of love for one another. I’m the best man at his wedding next month. There will be more M&RL music to come when the time is right. And you’ll be hearing from Ryan very, very soon.”

“Glorious” is his first solo LP in 12 years and follows two previously released solo tracks, his anti-Trump “Wednesday Morning” and “Drug Dealer,” the latter featuring Ariana DeBoo. It’s unclear if those tracks will also appear on Macklemore’s upcoming album.

Listen to “Glorious” below.

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