Over the weekend, Lorde performed in the coveted one-down-from-headliner spot at the last night of the Coachella festival. Lorde, of course, has the new album Melodrama coming out this summer. She’s shared the new songs “Green Light” and “Liability,” and she debuted another new one called “Sober” at a pre-Coachella show. And during her Coachella set, she also debuted another new one called “Homemade Dynamite.”

Talking about the track before singing it, she said that it was about the good, crazy part of living in your twenties. The snappy song has a big hook and some quasi-rapping about drinks. Watch the fan captured clip below.

Lorde just explained Melodrama’s conceit to The New York Times Magazine. “With a party, there’s that moment where a great song comes on and you’re ecstatic,” she says, “and then there’s that moment later on where you’re alone in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, you don’t think you look good, and you start feeling horrible.”

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