With countless venues forced to close their doors due to Corona Virus concerns, some atypical spaces have come up with creative and functional ways to help those struggling through these unpredictable times.

Case in point is London’s own Studio 338 who is transforming their cub space into a food for those in need. The venue has plans to store and distribute food to the elderly and other vulnerable people during weekdays. Though still working out the final details, they’re plans are in motion.

The event host wrote in a statement via Facebook below: “Right now, one of the main priorities for us is to ensure that people who are most at risk are not forced to go out and can stay at home and have essentials brought to them there.” Community members and companies are being asked to help in any way possible, be it charity management skills, financial contributions, or have spare time to organize and stock food at Studio 338.

For those in the area who’d like to help, make sure to email Dan@studio338.co.uk and Jessie@studio338.co.uk. And an option to donate will also be made available soon.

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Posted by Studio 338 on Friday, March 13, 2020

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Photo: pat00139