In addition to his impressive musical repertoire, Logic is putting “novelist” on the list as he just dropped a book called Supermarket with an accompanying soundtrack.

The rapper (born Bobby Hall), created a thriller with hints of dark humor that tells the story of Flynn, the main character, who is “depressed, recently dumped and living at his mom’s house.” When the protagonist gets a job in his suburban town’s local supermarket, things start to pick up, until they turn dark again as he arrives at work one day and discovers a crime scene.

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In addition to the publication, the Grammy nominated artist took it upon himself to create audio to match the words he wrote. The Universal Music-released record features trippy rap songs as well as more melodic, acoustic guitar-driven sounds, plus Logic even experimenting with singing on tracks like “DeLorean.” Overall, the whole package is a chance for him to explore new genres of music along with test the waters on his own penning skills. Listen to the composition below.

Fans can now buy the Simon & Schuster-distributed book and stream the soundtrack on various platforms.

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