As anxiety grows from the Corona Virus, several artists are doing their best to help fans quell the frency. Amongst them is Lizzo who lends a hand by sharing a video of her meditation techniques.

The “Truth Hurts” artist took to Instagram live to show what she does to reduce stress as she starts the clip by playing the flute from behind a tray of crystals. She detailed her own feelings of helplessness while lighting a stick of palo santo, meant to clear the energy in the room. “We can oftentimes feel a lot on this planet, and a lot lately” she said before discussing ways that children can get fed without free school lunches in light of school cancellations.

“There’s the disease, and then there’s the fear of the disease,” Lizzo noted. “Fear can spread so much hatred and negative energy. I wanted to empower everyone and let you all know you have power. We all have power. You have power to eliminate fear. ” Check out the superstar artist’s calming broadcast here.

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Photo: Treefort Photo Dept