Lizzo has a plan for the 2020 presidential election, and is taking to Twitter to encourage her followers to choose a Democratic nominee wisely.

Despite Trump earning awards alongside Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson and making moves during his presidency to increase employment among minority communities, the “Truth Hurts” performer sent a message to her fans, painting the Commander-in-Chief as someone who deeply cares about race, saying “Trying to convince people that the president is racist is like trying to tell them the sky is blue— they either choose to see it or not,” she tweeted on Monday (July 22). “I’d rather spend my time urging the American people who oppose his racist regime to agree on a democratic nominee and end this nightmare.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has gotten political. She frequently takes to social media to advocate for equality in all areas (race, gender, etc.), and is openly opposed to Donald Trump’s policies. She espouses her values via her songs as well, showing no discrimination and associating with people of varied backgrounds. Read the 31-year-old’s tweet, rallying the support of her fans, below.


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