In an attempt to encourage inclusion of those oft times overlooked in the music industry, Live Nation has launched the Black Tour Directory initiative, a registry designed to create opportunities for black workers and black-owned companies within the music industry’s live sector.

From sound engineers and lighting experts, to stage managers and set designers, this new resource aims the spotlight on music professionals from all walks of life. This initiative makes workers more accessible and easy to contact, as Michael “Huggy” Carter, CEO of MCG Productions notes, “Most artists don’t pay attention, all they know is when they walk in that it works, they don’t know who put it together,”. “Black artists should look at who’s on their team.”

While the employment agenda does not force artists and others to hire black industry workers, it hopes to remove excuses as to why someone would not hire from the directory. “I can only speak for the company I’m partnered with — I’m going to hold them accountable. Now you can no longer say, ‘I don’t know any [black workers],’” Carter continued. “If we all do that, take some of these coalitions that are being formed, these labels, artists, agencies and say, ‘Look, here’s the resource, here’s thousands,’ now you have to. There’s no choice.”

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Photo: Lemonade2806