Having previously worked with Diplo on his latest foray, Country artist Cam has just released her latest LP, The Otherside including the album’s title track, co-written by Avicii.

On Avicii’s 2013 debut album True, the late Swedish artist melded electronic and country music and in the wake of his untimely 2018 he left a treasure trove of unfinished work – some of which became the posthumous project TIM. Now, with Cam’s release available to stream in full, listeners have fresh content and a new look into the Tim Bergling’s mind.

In an interview with RADIO.com for the American Country Music Awards, Cam revealed, “I got to co-write with Avicii before he passed away on this incredible song that I’m obsessed with. I felt like I had to get this right for his taste, and how much of a perfectionist he was and also just for his family and his legacy. I’m so proud of how it all came together.”

For country and Avicii fans alike, the song is a touching reminder of the inspiration that the EDM legend breathed into all genres of music. Listen to “The Otherside”.

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Photo: M_Hartman Photography