Fans can look forward to a release of David Bowie’s final studio recordings on the cast album for Lazarus the musical by October 21st of this year. Earlier this June, Bowie had told producer and friend Tony Visconti that the album would include five new tracks. At the time, Visconti reported he still hadn’t heard any of them. Since then, three of those five songs, “No Plan,” “Killing a Little Time,” and “When I Met You,” have been revealed and were said to have been recorded during the Blackstar sessions.

Bowie recorded these songs before his death in January 2016 and even then fans had never heard him sing the last three songs, with only the cast of Lazarus having performed them. The musical is based on Nicholas Roeg’s 1963 novel, “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” a story of how a humanoid alien landed on Earth to bring water back to his dying planet. Bowie also starred in a movie in 1976 under the same title. Lazarus the musical first made its debut in New York just last year and is set to make its first appearance in London on October 25th with Michael C. Hall as its original star.

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Two days before his death on January 8th, David Bowie’s final album Blackstar was released and later topped the Billboard 200 Chart, marking the first time the musical legend received a debut No. 1 album. Before his cancer diagnosis had gone public, “Lazarus,” the LP single featured on the album, was later made into a music video and portrayed David Bowie on his death bed. Blackstar was Bowie’s 25th studio album to be recorded and released. The physical album even contained a small secret. When exposed to light, the gatefold of the album’s sleeve reveals gold stars in the background. Pretty cool, right?