For WorldPride in June, Orange Is The New Black star and LGBTQIA+ advocate Laverne Cox teamed up with Smirnoff, BMF Media and PRO MOTION to produce and premiere her latest club culture single, “Welcome Home”. And within ten days of release the spoken word title crosses the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart divide from #4 Breakout to #41* Debut.

The production and remix created specifically for Pride month by expert DJ/artist Eric Kupper contains the lyrics her Smirnoff-featured advert spots “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that accepted everyone/ A place that says ‘give me your tired, your poor,'” performed by Cox, alluding to Lady Liberty before diving into a full-on dance throwdown. The overall production is meant to instill confidence and reassurance in listeners as they continue to celebrate themselves and their individuality.

“Pride isn’t just a party, it’s a home. I’m thrilled to release this exclusive track in partnership with Smirnoff, welcoming the LGBTQIA+ community to NYC, all for a good cause,” Cox told Billboard. “For every time that my ‘Welcome Home’ song is streamed online or downloaded, Smirnoff will donate the royalty proceeds to Transgender Law Center in the organization’s continued fight for equality. Listen to the exciting and empowering #41* Debut below.

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