With the release of his new song, “Sad Forever” Lauv wants to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage fans to get the help they need.

Featured on his upcoming album, ~how i’m feeling~, the self-released track is a product of the singer’s own struggles. “I wrote sad forever at a time when I was extremely low. I was dealing with depression and OCD but hadn’t really recognized or gotten the help I needed,” the subtitles of the accompanying video explain. The San Francisco-born artist uses his breathy voice throughout the recording to detail the fight within as light instrumentals build throughout the composition. Listen to “Sad Forever” below via its official visual.

Lauv will be donating all proceeds from the track to various mental health organizations around the world that work to de-stigmatize mental health issues, including Bring Change 2 Mind in North America, UK’s Time to Change and Australia/New Zealand’s beyondblue, among others.

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