Whitney Houston

Kygo + Whitney Houston’s ‘Higher Love’ Obtains Greatest Gainer Status On Billboard Dance Chart

Following the massive worldwide debut, Kygo and Whitney Houston‘s fresh rendition of Steve Winwood‘s 1986 “Higher Love” secures back-to-back Greatest Gainer Billboard Dance Club Songs chart positions.

From #41* (debut) to #20* to #11*, the RCA Records title from the never before released single by New Jersey-born icon enjoys the expert production and finesse of the Norwegian Tropical House artist. Houston opens the song with “Think about it, there must be higher love/Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above/Without it, life is a wasted time” over a creeping instrumental that blossoms into a triumphant and piano-driven drop. Overall, it’s the new no one knew they needed, until now!

The rework adds a club savvy, floor dance twist to the original 1990 recording so have a listen to this week’s Billboard #11* Greatest Gainer from Kygo and Whitney Houston below.

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