For a guy who seemed to release a new track every week of 2017, Kygo took a short hiatus but is back and even better with his new collaboration with Miguel. Today the two dropped “Remind Me to Forget,” a song which seems bigger than any other that Kygo has been on.

While it’s not the typical hyper-tropical Kygo track, the mix of his production and Miguel’s voice combine to create a tropical-flavored, but soulful song with a catchy hook and beautiful vocals.

Embed from Getty Images

Many are wondering if Kygo will once again shock Miami and perform a surprise set at Ultra this year as he did in 2017. There are a number of unannounced special guests on the lineup, so will Miami be getting even more tropical this year (with a possible Miguel appearance as well)? We are only a week from finding out.

Check out “Remind Me to Forget” below.

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