While Krewella’s new album, zer0, is expected on January 31st, the girls dropped one song “Good On You” and are teasing the reveal of the next, “Greenlights,” via a promotional spot with health brand Orangetheory.

Unveiled just in time for the creation of popular New Year’s fitness resolutions, the visual campaign showcases the unique, science-backed benefits of Orangetheory and how it’s not just about being physically fit. It’s about experiencing a better way of living. When one has more energy, more confidence, more strength, and more courage, they live more boldly and exhibit “More Life.”

“We were so inspired to write a song that exhibited the meaning of ‘more life’ because we’re constantly searching for different ways to tear down our own insecurities, barriers, or whatever else gets in the way of us growing as people,” Krewella said about the connection between their song and the ad. “Movement is so important to us whether on stage or in any other aspect of life and giving others a reason to push further through our music is a dream for us.”

Check out the teaser for “Greenlights” below and pre-order Krewella’s new album, zer0, here.

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