Following their August release of “Mana,” Krewella released the fresh new “Ghost” courtesy of Mixed Kids Records.

The sister duo of Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf has forever prided itself in their songwriting skill set. Per usual, this single deals with a complex assortment of topics, exploring the relationship between loneliness and empowered independence, seamlessly wavering between cold, anguished feelings and powerful triumph while building towards an energetic drop.

“A shiver of loneliness, covered by a hard impenetrable outer shell. Or a satisfying aloneness, strongly led by this strength of independence,” Krewella says of the track, which features a vocal sample of their father singing a Pakistani “Raga” chant. “That is the dance this song tiptoes between, and the line between is quite blurry.”

The accompanying music video for “Ghost” balances between intimacy and excess as Krewella, donning barbed-wire masks, navigate moments of vulnerability and strobe-fueled exuberance. Watch the video for “Ghost,” directed by Lauren Dunn and Andrew Sandler below.

As Krewella works to complete their new album the sisters have lent their voices to The Period Movement aimed at elevating the issue of period poverty and demanding real change to making female sanitary products more accessible for all, including ending the #TamponTax.

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