Following the worldwide release of Khalid‘s sophomore album Free Spirit, featuring lead single “Talk,” the song has received a remix from a not-so-surprising source.

The RCA Records-released recording is a soon-to-be classic in which the Georgia-born vocalist sings “I’ve never felt like this before/I apologize if I’m movin’ too far/Can’t we just talk? Can’t we just talk?/Figure out where we’re goin” while trying to understand what he and his lover are getting into.  These lyrics take place over a laid-back, wavy production provided by the English electronic music, superstar duo, Disclosure.

Production brothers’ Howard and Guy Lawrence make a triumphant return on the Khalid track, transforming the selection into a quick and heavily, classic house banger . The seemingly subtle remix highlights Khalid’s original early-2000’s R&B style vocals that remain intact and unaltered in the process. Listen to the new rendition of “Talk” from Disclosure below.

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