In a new story published by The Guardian, Kendrick Lamar was reportedly banning those outside of his team of photographers from taking pictures at his concerts. That means no fans can have cameras or be present with their phones.

This can be very alarming for some who love to record memories on their phones, livestream the events for their friends who couldn’t make it, or just don’t like being away from their phones for extended periods of time.

Embed from Getty Images

Lamar’s representatives announced that the story “isn’t true,” and that fans can continue to use their phones while at Lamar’s concerts. So for now, Kendrick fans can rest easy and record their memories at shows.

Guns N’ Roses, Jarvis Cocker, Alicia Keys, and even the late Prince have previously shunned the concept of allowing show attendees to record their concerts. Jack White recently explained that he banned phones at a show in order to promote a “one hundred percent human experience” for his fans.

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