Middle school can be hard for some kids and Kelsea Ballerini is sending out a message to all those dealing with those who deal with bullies.

Recently, when a 12-year-old fan wrote the Tennessee native a letter saying that her song “Homecoming Queen” got her through some hard times, she felt compelled to reply. “I recently started middle school and it’s been really hard on me and my friend,” the girl named Ellie wrote to the country superstar. “I wanted to write to you because listening to your songs has changed my world!”

Ellie then got into the tough part of her message: “I’ve been feeling really sad because people have said some nasty things that I try not to acknowledge. Sometimes it feels like the world will end if I start showing what’s under my skin. However, your songs have taught me otherwise!”

This touched Ballerini in a way that prompted a response, but without a return address, the 26-year-old songstress took to Instagram to support the young girl and all the other kids going through a rough time. See the post below.

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