Some twitter drama has been coming from Diplo this week, as he has been ranked the “bronze-medalist” of sex by Katy Perry.

Chatting with James Corden at the time as part of a game of truth or date, Katy told the host that it was Diplo who would be taking third place when it came to their sex life. Coming in third, behind Orlando Bloom and John Mayer, the “Bubble Butt” DJ was not too happy about the ranking.

After finding out that he had come in last place, Diplo responded by going on a tweeting rampage, claiming to not remember having sex with Perry and then making a joke about the ranking.

Katy tried to brush off the potentially hurtful rankings by insisting that they were “all amazing lovers.”

This whole scenario is James Corden’s fault, as he was the one who probed her to rank three of her ex-boyfriends, which she actually did. Orlando Bloom and John Mayer have not responded, but that’s probably because they wouldn’t have much to complain about as they didn’t come in last.

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