Kaskade has canceled his third annual Sun Soaked festival. He made the announcement via Instagram, and though he gave no official reasoning, he did promise a full refund to all ticket holders.

“After two years of an event that was absolutely epic, I wanted to make it bigger and even more expansive,” the Chicago-born DJ/producer wrote. “The first two years had places that needed improving so I brought people in to help me execute those changes. But at a little less than three weeks out, it’s become obvious to me that we are falling short, and I’ve been left with an impossible choice.” See the whole transmission below.

While the inaugural event in 2017 maxed out at 12,000 attendees and 2018’s show sold 30,000 tickets in its first 30 minutes, there is no word on the amount of tickets sold for Sun Soaked 2019. Problems could have arisen from too few planning to attend, logistics not being taken care of, or both. The now-canceled third gathering was scheduled for July 13th and 14th with performances by Kaskade himself, Logic, a DJ set from Grimes and more.

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