In a new interview with Harpers Bazaar, Kanye West finally revealed his favorite song of all time. And it’s not “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

Yeezy’s favorite song is “‘All Along the Watchtower.’ The Jimi Hendrix cover.” Mr. West has been a long time fan of Hendrix, even comparing himself to the “Purple Haze” rocker during an interview in 2012. “Visiting my mind is like visiting the Hermès factory. Shit is real. You’re not going to find a chink. It’s 100,000 percent Jimi Hendrix,” he told W Magazine.

As far as Kim’s favorite song ever? “I really like the song “Only One” [West with Paul McCartney],” she told Harpers Bazaar. Couldn’t be any more original Kim? It’s fine, we’ll give you a free pass on that one.

Read the full interview with Harpers Bazaar here.

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