Kanye West has single-handedly changed the game in terms of artist merchandise and clothing geared toward the fashion-inclined, and while many like to collect pieces from each show, one man takes it to the extreme.

Randall Audrain, a 36-year-old Memphis native, has morphed his love for Kanye merch and rare artifacts into a public showing that has been dubbed a “digital museum” via the Instagram page @vintagekanyemerch. The account remains something of a hidden gem, with a surprising 8,000 followers, but many from the “Heartless” artist’s inner-circle have taken note of what Audrain is doing. Louis Vuitton creative head Virgil Abloh, Kanye’s right-hand producer Mike Dean, and designer Don C are all keeping their eyes peeled.

In an interview, the super fan revealed that he may one day sell a few items from his collection, but the end goal is to, “eventually like to do a high-end coffee table book documenting the history,” saying, “He’s got such a big fan base, there’s no reason to think that wouldn’t go over well.” Audrain also gave some tips on how to keep prized shirts and clothing looking perfect: “Anything I have, I wash it in cold water on delicate, and then hang-dry. That makes all the difference in the world.” He finally likes to store his favorite collectibles in vacuum-sealed Ziploc bags.

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