The life and aspirations of Kanye West continue to get more bizarre by the minute as now he’d like to create clothing that would end up on the shelves of bulk-buying stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart.

What Kanye thinks is the “perfect hoodie” should cost $60, weigh as much as a coat, cropped at the waist, fold like a loaf of bread, and meant for mass consumption. While the idea seems doable, where he wants to sell it is a bit more perplexing.

“I like Costco as an idea,” the Chicago native says. “I like Walmart, too.” It seems the Jesus Is King musician admires the membership-only warehouse chains, despite bad-mouthing them on 2004’s “Never Let Me Down,” rapping “But I know they don’t want me in the damn club/They even made me show ID to get inside of Sam’s Club.” From the looks of it, Kanye has had a change of heart.

Per his goals of being more down to earth, Ye noted that “This collection is couture for the service industry,” before clarifying the collect-ability aspect: “We’re not focusing on prices right now. We’re only focusing on creativity.”

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Photo: Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra