As the world rallies around the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality and racism by posting black squares on social media, the white nationalists organization attempted to stir the pot with their own #WhiteLivesMatter and #WhiteoutWednesday hashtags that were quickly combated by the K-Pop community.

While the lion’s share of the world understands that racism and brutality is wrong, a small fraction of the population attempted to to manufacture their own movement. In a confusing yet exciting turn of events, K-Pop fans and artists opted to flood social media with videos, pictures and other content of their favorite acts all the while using #WhiteLivesMatter and #WhiteoutWednesday. What resulted was a collective drowning out of hate and divisiveness with hordes of positive messages and condemnation of hate.

People also used the hashtags to imagine the reaction of racists on Twitter to the K-pop fans’ response. Fortunately, the tactic of burying the negative comments worked like a charm and the campaign was thwarted. See some of the best posts below.

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Photo: Heavenly Moment 97