Justin Timberlake released his much-anticipated album Man of the Woods today, with a video to accompany it.

This music video actually lives up to the title of the album seeing that there are copious amounts of flannel shirts, trees and beanies. There’s a rustic lodge fit for a mountaintop in a national park, too, and that gives Timberlake and Jessica Biel the perfect backdrop for a quick dance on a roughly-hewn dance floor.

Embed from Getty Images

Man of the Woods got its name from Timberlake and Biel’s little boy, Silas, a name which literally translates to “of the forest” in Latin. “Man of the Woods” definitely takes this aesthetic more to heart than the rest of the videos we’ve seen from the album so far. This matching aesthetic brings to question whether or not it will come along with Timberlake on tour. It might even make its way to the Super Bowl halftime show (who knows).

While we don’t know what’s coming in the future, we still have this video and the full Man of the Woods album, both of which you can find below.

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