JoJo, Alessia Cara and JinJoo Lee (of DNCE) packed themselves into a bathroom stall for an acoustic jam session, and the results were pretty amazing.

It all went down while the ladies were performing at Kiss 95.1’s Kissmas concert this week in North Carolina. The trio threw down a fiery duet of JoJo’s and Alessia’s “I Can Only,” which appears on JoJo’s comeback LP Mad Love.

JinJoo provided a dreamy guitar medley, while JoJo and Alessia slayed the vocals during the stall-mini-concert. And to their credit, nothing beats the acoustics of a tiled bathroom. Watch below.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the ladird have plans to work together anytime soon. But with both DNCE and JoJo touring this winter. Check out DNCE’s tour dates here and JoJo’s here


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