Last night (August 18th), the Democratic National Committee made the decision to choose Joe Biden as their Presidential nominee, running against Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

More than three decades after he first ran for president, Biden clinched the nomination following a virtual “roll call” featuring party luminaries from all 50 states and lesser-known Democrats who described the man as ready to lead the nation through the crises of a pandemic and ensuing economic uncertainty. With this year’s convention heavily toned-down to Corona Virus, most actions were taken remotely.

After being announced as the nominee, those tuning in were shown on screen between shots of Biden and his wife celebrating among friends and family in a library. Balloons filled the room and confetti streamers were released as Joe and his wife embraced, all while Kool & The Gang‘s classic “Celebrate” played in the background. It was a fitting song for a triumphant moment. Watch the moment here.

The road to this nomination has not been an easy one for Joe, seeing that he has faced a swath of criticism, including, but not limited to, corruption in Ukraine to aid his own son, sexual misconduct allegations, racist comments pertaining to legislation and many more questioning his ability to mentally handle running the most powerful country on the planet.

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Photo: Phil Roeder