We’ve seen quite a lot of these Jeopardy! mess ups in recent weeks. This time Kendrick Lamar was the victim.

OK, you know you’ve made it when your name is said by host Alex Trebek, however, for Lamar, a reference to his career also stumped the contestants on the show.

During an episode on Thursday evening (February 22), a question was asked about the Compton rapper in the category Recent R&B and Hip-Hop Hits.

The clue? “Hitmaking was in his ‘DNA.’ He had ‘LOYALTY.’ He was ‘HUMBLE.’ & in ‘LOVE.’ — ‘DAMN.’”

Despite “HUMBLE.” being a No. 1 smash single for Lamar and DAMN. topping the charts as well, no contestant hit the buzzer in time to reveal the correct answer to the question. Watch a portion of the episode below and get your face palm ready.

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