Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Today Show this morning to talk about all things J-Lo.

The singer, dancer and executive producer and judge on World of Dance sat down with The Today Show to discuss her recent outing at the Met Gala, her new song, “El Anillo Pa Cuando,” as well as her dance competition with Melissa McCarthy. She also spent time discussing her relationship with her husband Alex Rodriguez and both of their views on dancing.

In regard to her outfit at Monday’s Met Gala, her colorful cross-centric outfit won the poll which the TV show conducted.

Embed from Getty Images

Lopez also mentioned her new song “El Anillo Pa Cuando” which she explained is a slang way of saying “The ring, when.” The song itself is 100% Spanish and is led by heavy bass beats that are mixed with J-Lo’s signature flare and intensity to create a great overall track. The bright and exciting music video is already out and we encourage you to watch it below.

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