Jason Derulo Heads Underground With ‘Want To Want Me’

Top 40 / hip-hop superstar Jason Derulo has been making his way onto everyone’s summer playlist with his single ‘Want To Want Me‘. The catchy, Warner Bros. released single has a pop hook large enough to hang your coat on but what fans didn’t expect was a much darker future house rendition of the title that strip’s away the core of its sass and ups the anti underground with something significantly sexier.

Dylan Orvell – aka Speaker Of the House – dives deep into the subversive and comes up with something straight out of the Brooklyn-born modern house scene. Guided by a growling bass line and air-whipping transitions, Speaker Of The House unpredictably flips the Jason Derulo beat on it’s ear with something significantly spicier.

Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me (Speaker of the House Remix) | Download

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