After the flood of “Thank U, Next” parodies that came pouring out following the original by Ariana Grande, James Corden decided to drop his own version, and it may be the best one yet.

On Wednesday night (December 5th), The Late Late Show host got into his creative groove with a unique take on the movie-spoofing video that has been smashing viewing records on YouTube. This film though, only has one main focus: Jeff Goldblum.

Embed from Getty Images

The clip opens with Corden genuinely thanking the Jurassic Park star for coming on the show, before music fills the room and transports the two officially into the parody. Mimicking the original Universal Music-released broadcast, the host drags Goldblum reluctantly through the same scenes that Ariana witnessed and serenades him with a stalker-like passion.

Grande got a hold of the video and loved it. “omg…… may i please….. please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book?” she tweeted. “Thank u for leaking the original version,” the Grammy-nominated artist also wrote on Instagram. Watch the authentic, but odd and funny “Thank U, Jeff” video below.

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