Just in time for the holidays, YouTube sensation Jake Paul is being sued by three Los Angeles-based music producers over his 2017 single “Litmas”.

Erik Belz, Jonathan Pakfar and Shane Eli Abrahams have all accused the video star of copying the master recording and composition of their 2015 song “Bad Santa” in its entirety alleging that their track serves as the backing composition for Paul’s single. Furthermore, they claim that on “multiple occasions”, Paul was in the same recording studio as the original composers and heard “Bad Santa” prior to “Litmas” thus proving that there was access to the pre-release recording and access to the official version.

“The sameness of the performance and striking similarity between Litmas and the protectable elements of the Work are obvious, such that an ordinary lay listener would instantly recognize the similarity between the works,” reads the complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in California on Friday. “The similarity surpasses the realm of generic coincidence and independent creation.”

Though only the 22-year-old and his production company Team 10 are named as defendants, the producers are coming after everyone involved claiming that “all members of the distribution chain” for “Litmas” including co-writers, producers, licensors and distributors are “jointly and severally liable” for all amounts owed.

Paul has not yet responded.

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