“We have a big, big problem, ladies.”

International pop sensation Jennifer Lopez just dropped the music video her latest track “Ain’t Your Mama” today, and it’s an anthemic showstopper which incorporates Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s famous 1995 speech “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.” The opening of the video depicts J-Lo hanging up on an anonymous male caller, obviously frustrated and looking to take action. As she exits the phone booth, she seats herself at a newscaster desk and beings to make a PSA to women everywhere.

“Look, I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. Taken for granted, ignored, overlooked, under-appreciated. We have a big, big problem, ladies.”

Throughout the music video Lopez dawns many an attire throughout the decades stereotypically associated with women, while rebelliously singing: “I ain’t gon’ be cookin’ all day. I ain’t your mama.”

“Ain’t Your Mama” is produced by Dr. Luke, who made headlines this past year with his court case with Kesha, and marks Jennifer Lopez’ return to Epic Records after a six-year hiatus from the label and is the first single off her new tentative album. While no further information was given for a release date or title, check back frequently for updates. Also be sure to check out the single below and let tell us your thoughts.