A man who has long since espoused the benefits of meditation, J Balvin is teaming up with Deepak Chopra to launch an all-new, free, three week mediation experience.

The program, which can be accessed at choprameditation or by downloading the app, is available in both Spanish and English. Each session kicks off with “guided wisdom and storytelling” from the Colombian Reggeaton artist before Chopra begins the meditation practice. The J Balvin collaboration is not the Indian-born American author and alternative-medicine advocate’s first meet-up to create a 21-day meditation experience, as he collaborated with Oprah Winfrey in 2013. And in all, the franchise currently features 17 such programs.

“What makes mental health universal is that it doesn’t discriminate. It affects all of us. I have struggled with anxiety. I have been depressed. Meditation is one of the many ways that I have dealt with my mental health,” said Balvin in a statement. “And that goes especially for this moment we’re currently experiencing: where money is so tight for many; health is such a question mark on a global level; and the fight for racial justice is more urgent than ever. When our world is in flux, our mental wellbeing is often one of the first things we neglect. But this should not be the case. In fact, it’s in times like these that mindfulness can help us most. This is personal for me.”

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Photo: lifescript