Be it his new partnership with GAP, or his July 4th weekend announcement of a potential 2020 presidential Kanye West remains forever in the headlines. While the hyper star has previously addressed his 2020 political aspirations he’s painfully late in the game with four months left to election day.

With the presidential elections a quarter year away the possibility of Kanye West running for president could have significant consequences for Donald Trump and the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. First, Yeezy could try and secure the backing of a smaller political party without which he could try to appear as an independent. Regardless, the deadline for registering for ballot recognition has already passed in several states, including New Mexico and North Carolina, a key battleground.

According to Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, whether Kanye gets on a ballot or receives significant write-in support may not be the biggest issue stemming from his political aspirations. Sabato, along with others, understand that West may pull away crucial votes from the race’s two main front runners, causing either Biden or Trump to win if voters choose to support a third party. Stay tuned for updates on Yeezy’s presidential run.

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Photo: Kenny Sun