Nicknamed the ‘human Barbie’, Instagram sensation Valeria Lukyanova had her rise to internet fame in 2012 when she flaunted her doll-like face to the world. And now she’s on a mission to show off her DJ skills to Europe, Asia, and Australia on her ‘Space Barbie Tour’.

While a number of Instagrammers have expressed their distaste of her cartoonish looks and scarily curved figure, it’s certainly brought her enough attention to make a international DJ tour plausible.

Valeria recently spoke with music publication THUMP on her decision to become a DJ and what her shows would be like.

THUMP: What do you hope to achieve through your DJ mission?
Valeria Lukyanova: I would like to reach the hearts of people through mystic sounds and their application in modern music. Everything that I do with sounds can help people find themselves and their essence: heal, see what has not been seen, hear what has not been heard, and open hearts to meet the unknown.

T: Will people who attend the Space Barbie Tour ever be the same again?
VL: They will never be the same again, even if they really wanted to. The energy that descends during the set will change them from who they were before. It’s a very powerful and creative energy transformer.

Source: THUMP