In an interview published last week, Halsey targeted Iggy Azalea as someone she would never put on one of her records.

About Azalea, the singer said, “She had a complete disregard for black culture. F—king moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.”

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In response, Azalea said “To me, because I’m a famous person and I know a lot of the time people have opinions and they’re not always accurate, I really try very hard not to give my personal opinions about people that I don’t know,” Azalea continued. “And I don’t know her, I’ve never met her.”

Iggy Azalea has been trying to make her way out of beefs lately, publicly squashing her feud with Azealia Banks and ignoring shots from the likes of Danny Brown.

Iggy should really just cool it with all the quarrels seeing that she has barely any music or real fame to back her up other than her meme-ificaton which in itself, is a joke. The other artists though, have solid careers and are much harder to take down.

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